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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for iFOLD Sheet Metal And Fabrication! Here, you’ll find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our products and services.

From questions about our custom fabrication services to information about warranties and guarantees, we’ve compiled a list of answers to help you make an informed decision about your next project.

If you don’t find the answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts is always happy to help. Thanks for choosing iFold Sheet Metal And Fabrication for your sheet metal fabrication needs.

What types of metal do you work with?

We use colorbond, iron, zincalume, and galvanised iron.

What do Metal Fabricators do?

Metal fabricators are skilled workers who use tools, machines, and their own expertise to cut, shape, and form metal into a variety of products.

At iFOLD Sheet Metal And Fabrication, our team of metal fabricators specialise in the production of Flashing, Colorbond Flashing, Rain Heads, Sumps, Roof Flashing, and Metal Flashing.

They use a variety of techniques such as cutting, bending, and welding to create products that are precise, durable, and functional. They also use specialised equipment and machinery such as saws, brakes, and shears to create products that meet industry standards and customer specifications. Our metal fabricators are highly skilled and experienced in the field, ensuring that every product we create is of the highest quality.

What is sheet metal and how is it used?

Sheet metal is a type of metal that is formed into thin, flat sheets. It is commonly used in the construction and manufacturing industries for a variety of purposes such as roofing, siding, car bodies, appliances, and many other applications.

We use sheet metal in the fabrication of flashing, colorbond flashing, rain heads, sumps, roof flashing, and metal flashing.

It is a versatile material that can be shaped, bent, and cut to meet the specific needs of any project. With its durability and strength, sheet metal is an ideal material for many different types of construction and manufacturing applications.

Can you provide custom fabrication services?

Yes, we offer custom fabrication services at iFOLD Sheet Metal And Fabrication. We have the ability and expertise to design and fabricate products according to your specifications. We understand that every job is unique and that’s why we offer custom fabrication services to meet the specific needs of your project.

How long does it take for your company to complete an order?

At iFOLD Sheet Metal And Fabrication, we understand the importance of timely completion of orders. We aim for a 24 hour turnaround on all flashings and 48 hours for rain heads, sumps, caps, and other specialty items.

This allows us to provide you with a fast and efficient service, ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget.

However, it is important to note that the completion time of an order can vary depending on the specific requirements and complexity of the project. Our team will work with you to provide an estimated completion time and keep you updated throughout the process.

Is sheet metal fabrication expensive?

The cost of sheet metal fabrication can vary depending on a number of factors such as the size and complexity of the project, the materials used and the location of the project.

However, at iFOLD Sheet Metal And Fabrication we understand that cost is an important consideration for any project. That’s why we make our pricing transparent by providing a generic price list available on request. This allows you to see the costs associated with your project and make an informed decision. We are committed to providing high-quality products and excellent customer service at a fair price.

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    iFold Sheet Metal and Fabrication Workshop
    iFold Sheet Metal and Fabrication Workshop

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    Metal Fabrication Ballarat

    Ifold Sheet Metal And Fabrication Workshop

    iFOLD Sheet Metal And Fabrication is a metal fabrication company located in Ballarat, VIC Australia. We specialise in the production of Flashing, Colorbond Flashing, Rain Heads, Sumps, Roof Flashing, and Metal Flashing.

    We understand that every job is different, which is why we also offer custom fabrication services. Our team is able to create custom flashings to suit all applications in the trade industry. Whether you need a specific size or design, we are able to provide you with a solution that meets your needs.

    We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality products and excellent customer service. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

    Sheet Metal Fabrication State Of The Art Workshop

    At iFOLD Sheet Metal And Fabrication, we pride ourselves on having a state-of-the-art workshop and top-of-the-line equipment to ensure that we can provide the highest quality metal fabrication services to our clients.

    Our workshop is equipped with the latest technology and machines which allow us to produce precise and quality products.

    Our team of highly trained and experienced fabricators and technicians use these tools to ensure that each and every job is completed to the highest standards of quality and precision.

    We are committed to providing our customers with the best possible experience and quality of work, and our state-of-the-art equipment is a big part of that.

    iFold Sheet Metal And Fabrication Workshop

    Consistent 24 Hour Turn Around On All Flashings
    48 Hour For Rain Heads, Sumps, Caps & Other Speciality Items